Leather Sofas

I think we started selling leather sofas back in 1999, started with the Halo Antiques who then renamed to Vintage Tanning, then back to Halo again, we must have been selling their brand up to around 2006, thats when they moved the goal posts and as an independant retailer we had to make the move back towards a supplier that understood our business and the niches we needed to fill, luckily we managed to source from the factories in Italy and maanged to obtain the classic aged leather look we had been used to and from Italy too – nice to keep it sort of local.

This is one of our old classics – used be called the soho sofa – now renamed as the Seattle

the classic design is just timeless

seatte sofa not the soho

Seattle Sofa in Leather


We can order the classic aged boot type leather too.





Delivery is free locally, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Halifax, Sheffield, South & West Yorkshire, as long as you can help us off load