LSA Glassware and Drinkware

Handmade by craftsmen and women – LSA glassware is at the cutting edge of design and look.


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LSA Handmade glassware

LSA Handmade glassware at Table Decor

Preparation Of LSA Glassware

The ingredients are mainly sand, soda ash and lime. The actual recipe and the ingredients are blended to the correct proportions by skilled crafts people to ensure clarity and quality that goes with LSA tradition.

The formulated recipe is heated to in gas fired kilns up to several hundred degrees centigrade. Sometimes, bubbles of air can get trapped inside the molten glass during heating process and sometimes these air bubbles can be seen in the finished glassware – this is a normal attribute of LSA Glass and also part of the process of being handmade, mouthblown glass.

Handmade and Mouth Blown LSA Glass

As the molten glass has reaches the optimum temperature a team of about 5 or so workers form at the access window’s of the kiln. The LSA glassblower will pass a special cane into the kiln through the access window and collect a small ball of the molten glass. The Glassblower will then extratc the cane and will blow air through it into the glass to form a ball shape. Depending upon what size of the product to be blown, the ball can be placed back inside the kiln to gather a larger amount of glass as is required

The molten ball of glass will then be blown into a mould, which in most cases is hand-made from a suitable wood. To stop the mould from setting on fire it is covered in water just before the glass is blown. Once the shaping of glassware is finished it is removed and transfered to the finishing department

LSA Glassware Handmade

LSA Glassware Handmade Handblown