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The Bridge Handbags are all on display in our shop in Bradford, West Yorkshire, we think we are the only retailer covering the Leeds area too.

The Bridge was established in Florence in Italy back in 1969 – They are known as Il Ponte in Italy, it is probably word of mouth brand that you don’t see in many major high street stores, it has a high quality product at a reasonable price compared to the some of the major handbag brands out there.

A Trade mark of The Bridge Handbags is a Chestnut coloured leather that is tanned and dyed using a vegetal based solution – made from tree bark and leaves, the mixture is fermented in traditional Oak barrels  for many days – into the barrels goes the Italian Bridge leather for the tanning and dying process, the leather is rotated in theses barrels for up to a week, it is a very traditional way of tanning and dying leather that the bridge have developed since 1969.

The handbag leather is then hand finished using a traditional amber roller application which is rarely seen in modern production methods, it is a very time consuming process, but allows the craftsmen to get very close to the leather and by handling it many times they are able to filter out any poor quality hides and only choose the best for the bridge bags . This method of leather porduction gives the leather an aged timeless look that the bridge bags are known for.

The Bridge produce range from the classic type of the bridge shoulder bags below, a typical cross body shoulder bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, these shoulder bags have been in the range since the early days of their first production, the classic retro look does not seem to date, especially when it is in the brown chestnut leather.

044022 bridge shoulder bag

044022 bridge shoulder bag

Just a couple of pictures form their handbag production facility in Florence Italy


the Bridge tanning drums

hand finish bridge leather

Hand Finishing of Bridge Leather


hand stitching bridge leather

hand stitching bridge leather


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