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the bridge wallets


The Bridge Wallets are all available here in our shop in Bradford, West Yorkshire, we think we are one of the few authorised retailers covering the Leeds area too.

The Bridge was established in Florence in Italy back in 1969 – it is probably word of mouth brand that you don’t see in major high street stores, it has a quality luxury niche at a reasonable price compared to the major brands out there.

Their trade mark is a Chesnut coloured leather that is tanned and dued using tree bark and leaves over many days in Oak barrels – a very traditional way of doing things these days.

The leather is then hand finished using a tradtional amber roller application which is rarely seen in modern production methods.

The Bridge Wallets come in many fairly forms, this is a simple wallet by the bridge.

Generally all Bridge wallets are bi-fold, that means basically they are like open like a book with two leaves, The Bridge change the lining of the wallets sometimes, it can be either the bridge logo lining or sometimes they use a plain cotton lining

Bridge wallet

The codes used for the leather wallets – or in fact all the bridge leathergoods relate to the model, leather and the colour.

for example the code 014266-01-14 can be split down in to three component parts.

014266 – is the model style of the purse

01 – is the leather – this is the classic analine leather we all know and love

14 – is the colour – chesnut brown

Colour number 14 can vary in colour depending which leather is used, so just make sure if you need the classic chesnut it needs to be in combination with the 01 leather.


Here is an internal shot of the note section and a close up of the Bridge logo lining.

This wallet actually has two sections, some of them only have one.

014266-01-14 Wallet Note section

014266-01-14 Wallet Note section


The bridge wallets usually have  credit card storage and alot of the time they have an ID window too, great for bus pass, train pass or even a driving lisence

014266-01-14 Wallet ID Window

014266-01-14 Wallet ID Window

This wallet has a coin section too  this one has a stud closure – it is possible to get some that have a zipped coin section, but not many in the bridge range have this feature though.

If you look close there is a very small leather pocket inside the coin section, this is a sim card holder, ideal if you phone goes in for repair or something like that.

014266-01-14 wallet coin section

014266-01-14 wallet coin section




Black ? Yes we can get black for you, we do a small range of black bridge wallets

Generally what comes in the classic brown can come in the black too, special orders can be placed but they can take up to 4 months to get.

013110-01-20 Bridge black wallet

013110-01-20 Bridge black wallet

Internal shot of the black bridge wallet, using the black logo lining.013110-01-20 note section


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